Mazatlan well known as the "Pearl of the Pacific" is both a thriving fishing port and successful tourist resort. Most locals earn livelihood from the abundance of shrimp, swordfish, marlin and tuna in the surrounding waters. But miles of sand-strewn coastline

Mazatlan boasts the longest stretch of uninterrupted beaches in Mexico, Have sprouted a sizeable tourism industry.

      The largest West Coast port facility between Los Angeles and the Panama Canal, Mazatlan is built on peninsula that separates Mexico's largest shrimp fleet for more than 15 milesof wide beaches that extend northward. Because it's sheltered harbor is where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet, creating the greatest natural fish trap in the hemisphere, sport fishing is a premiere pastime. Situated a few miles below the Tropic of Cancer (same latitude ad Honlulu). Mazatlan marks the beginning of the Mexican tropics and offers an absolutely superb climate.

      Each year since 1898, Mazatlan has hosted a pre-Lenten Carnival, a Mardi Gras- style five day bash that usually falls in late Febuary or early  March. The countrys most spectacular carnival, with parades, floats, festivals and fireworks. Taxis are plentiful and charge fixed rates. A more popular, though not necessarily cheaper, form of transportation is the "pulmonia" an open-air taxi that looks like a golf cart.Unique to Mazatlan, this vehicle is called pneumonia because that's what you'll get if you are caught in one durning a rainstorm.

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